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Over the past nineteen years Final Mile Technologies has built its reputation on installing, documenting and maintaining structured cabling for large mission critical networks. We have become a valued industry partner due to our ability to integrate into the construction team and seamlessly work with other trades to deliver showcase quality installations, and we are known for our fast-track capability. Our highly trained technicians have experience in virtually every type of working environment; corporate, medical, industrial, and retail. Whether large cable plants or small moves add and changes, Final Mile Technologies has developed a methodology to successfully deliver our products and services throughout the United States.

Voice/Data/Fiber Optic Cabling

Final Mile Technologies offers well thought out design and professional installation to satisfy our customers. Paging, PA and Intercom systems increase efficiency and accountability in any environment. Our systems are engineered so that your audio is heard where you want it, when you want it. We are experienced and equipped to provide, Telephone interface, Zone Paging, Emergency override, Night Ring, Talk Back, Background Music, Site to Site paging, Auto Volume Adjust, Alert Tones and Spot Sound Masking

During our tenure in the industry we have become experts in this field and have developed a proven system of design, build, and maintenance of Paging and Pa systems.

Control of one door in a single building or multiple doors in multiple buildings, Final Mile Technologies can design the perfect system to meet your needs. FMT’s expertise extends to logical and Physical control. We employ a detailed process of analyzing your facility to deliver a state of the art solution. FMT offers secure systems inclusive of hands free equipment, proximity and /or swipe card, stand alone or Pc controlled systems, and integration of CCTV, fire and security alarm.

Whether your project includes a few security cameras to thousands of security cameras, FMT offers easy to install IP and HD-TVI surveillance solutions. FMT has acquired hundreds of hours of experience that translate to seamless integration for new and  existing systems We  find find the best  scalable and new solutions. The key to satisfaction is offering the best customer service and future proof designs for every market. We will secure any workplace inside and out with solutions for buildings, halls, corridors, entrances, exits, and more.

Paging & PA Systems

Access Control


Avaya is the industry leading brand for business telephone systems. They supply systems from small to massive enterprise solutions for the US Federal Government. Now you can have this wonderful technology for your small office. The Avaya IP Office allows for the best of both worlds. It can be installed as a traditional digital telephone system, or as an IP Office telephone system.

We've taken the guess work out of configuring this small office phone system for you. We've put the most commonly sold components together in a 4 phone bundle that includes the control unit, the cards to give you support for up to 6 digital telephones, 4 traditional analog telephone lines and 2 analog extensions such as fax.

Avaya Telephones

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